Parts & Labor Warranty for Commercial LED


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This is a “Fix Cost Solution” when buying LED lighting for any commercial project.

LED purchases can be expensive and even though they may carry parts warranty, most customers forget about the labor expense when they stop working a year or two later.

Most are horrified by the labor cost and truck rental expense to remove a high bay or pole light. We can ease your fears by offering a labor warranty to match the parts warranty. Our 5year labor warranty reimburses you anywhere from $130 up to $450 cad for each LED that fails so you can pay your electrician to remove and install it. All you have to do is select choose what labor coverage you want.

The one thing we can promise you is, labor cost will increase over time and this warranty will alleviate that financial burden when catastrophe happens.

We have all seen certain projects where not all the LED fixtures worked as promised. It never fails that several will fail during its lifespan causing headaches and finding the funds you need, but may not have, because of your operating budget. Having that labor warranty can eliminate that anxiety for you.

We give you the opportunity to choose a 5, 7 or 10 year labor warranty to match the different warranty periods that manufacturer’s offer. You also have the option to increase the manufacturer parts warranty to 10 years.

We can also provide warranty to LED fixtures where the manufacturer that has ceased operation and is no longer in business.

The warranty is back by Aviva, a 300 year old insurance company assuring you coverage for the length of your agreement.

We cover LED fixtures such as a high bay, low bay, wrap fixture, flood light, shoebox, wall pack, Canopy, flat panel and recessed panel. The LED products not cover is explained in #6 below.

Here are example of how the Extended Warranty works:

  1. All Warranties begin after its elimination period, minimum being 31 days for labor warranty.
  2. Warranty can be added to an existing client if the LED fixtures were purchased 6 months or earlier.
  3. The parts warranty is based on the replacement cost of the LED fixture and can begin after the initial warranty has ended to reduce the premium. Example, if a LED has a 5 year parts warranty, you can increase it to a 10 year warranty to begin at year 6 to year 10.
  4. The labour warranty is based on the how much your client wants to be reimbursed. Example, if you have the $200 labor warranty, the client receives $200 to pay towards labor. If 5 LED fixtures fail, the client get $1000 to help cover his labor cost.
  5. Warranties are based on the fixture’s lifespan. If a LED has a 50,000 hour lifespan and it’s operating 24/7, then its lifespan is 5.7 years. So, it won’t qualify for a 10 parts warranty, but it does qualify for a 5 year labour warranty. If it’s going into a school or business where it’s operating 10/7, then you can add the 10 year parts warranty and (or) 10 year labor warranty, the choice is yours.
  6. Tubes, bulbs, flexible strip, track, corn-lights and sensors are exempt from qualifying for any warranty. Also fixtures must be certified by one of these testing laboratories: UL, ETL or CSA.
  7. The minimum order is $350 premium. So, $130 labor warranty needs 24 fixtures, $200 labor warranty needs 17 fixtures and a $450 labor warranty needs 8 fixtures to meet the minimum premium. 
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