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Many individuals shopping online are unaware of the proper certifications you need for your electrical products to operate safely and not cause any fire hazard.

We are here to educate the buyer, so they don't make the wrong choice when purchasing LED products by explaining the different categories of certifications: 

  • UL, ETL & CSA is the certification that is required for your electrical products to operate safely in North America.
  • CE is the certification that is require for your electrical products to operate safely in Europe and other international countries.
  • DLC & Energy Star certifications is what is needed to be able to qualify for any LED rebate program along with UL, ETL or CSA in the North America Market.

We have transitioned to using domestic manufacturers whose head office are either in either Canada or the USA. Their products may be manufactured overseas, but they are manufactured to their specifications, binning and quality control based on their high standards. There are only a limited amount of factories qualified and trusted by domestic lighting companies to use and it not uncommon for a factory may make LED fixtures for different lighting companies.  

The problem occurs when the Head Office of the LED fixtures is in Asia. An individual or business really doesn't know how flimsy their manufacturer warranty really is until you have to use it. You see, like most manufacturers, they want you to ship the faulty fixture to their plant for testing to investigate why it failed. Unfortunately, the shipping cost to send just one LED fixture to China may be in the hundreds of dollars. Far more than what you paid for it, resulting in you having to pay for a new one. So really, you have no warranty when you buy Chinese products online.

We carry a variety of  fixtures approved for the North American market.  We carry many commercial high 5700 Kelvin brightens for needed for HD security camera and safety on main streets, airports and certain parking lots. 

We also carry the Dark Skies Approved exterior fixtures. Many municipalities’ bylaws are incorporating that the exterior lighting for new construction must be Dark Skies Approved. If they do not have the Fixture Seal of Approval, then, they are not approved by IDA. .

You must be careful as many manufacturers are mirroring IDA terminology by coming out with their own dark sky compliant symbols that DOES NOT pass the IDA test and will not pass the local municipal bylaw.

Manufacturers now have spec sheets and brochures stating the advantages of BUG optics, Dark Sky Compliant (DSC), Night-Time Friendly etc. Unfortunately, they are not approved by IDA unless they have the Fixture Seal of Approval issued by IDA. 

Our manufacturer’s clever approach, allows their fixture to be the only BUG optic light fixture approved by IDA. 

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