As a LED consultant, I have guided clients like Diversified Transport, Gibson Energy, Mammoet, River Cree Casino, Steel Craft Doors, St. Albert Curling Club and others choose the right LED lighting for their business.

I started my career as an electrical designer with the ECE Group, now part of the GHD Group. I assisted with the electrical & lighting layout for projects like the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, Hasbro Toy Factory in Rhode Island, NY and Medical Health Science Centers in cities across Canada.



  1. Exterior LED fixtures like dark skies certified, explosion proof, pole, stadium, wallpack and SMART flood lights.
  2. Interior LED fixtures like emergency exit, explosion proof, low bays, pots, recessed, human centric, SMART high bays and medical LED/UVC for a pathogen free environment.
  3. Canadian solar photovoltiac panels and accessories to create your own electricity on your roof top to achieve an end to the rising high cost of electricity.
  4. 100% financing for commercial LED & Solar projects (parts & installation) to help clients reduce their dependancy on electricity.
  5. Businesses can choose any Parts & Labor warranty for commercial LED lighting for periods of 5, 7 or 10 years.