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How Human Centric Lighting works?

The user, at the push of a button, can control the LED lights to trigger a specific molecular reaction in individuals to enhance their cognitive, concentration, motivation and alertness levels at the workplace. Push another button and it reduces a person’s anxiety, depression and behavior problems. It also helps in resetting a person’s body to its biological rhythm at the end of the day or night shift to prepare for rest and regeneration at home. A lighting technology so advance, it is used on the International Space Station.

Positive Effects to Staff:

  • Increases your staff cognitive and alertness level resulting in their production increasing by up to 20%.
  • It reduces both overtime and sick days by up to 20%.
  • Mistakes and redo’s were reduced by up to 65%.

Positive Effects to Patients & Students:

  • It reduces their anxiety, depression and behavior problems.
  • It also motivates them to be more active for a healthier lifestyle increasing their life expectancy
  • It shortens recovery times for both injuries and sickness.
  • It reduces their need for pain and sleep medication.

Human Centric Optic agrees with the inventor of Human Centric Lighting, Professor Russell Foster, one of the world’s leading neuro-scientist, that the best practice is to create Dynamic Lighting. That is, providing a specific light for a specific task in a specific space. Our lighting is based on his principles.

Human Centric Optic is also the only company with a design to retrofit just the tubes and drivers of a existing fixture for a less evasive approach to upgrading your existing lighting. It is also design to work in adjacent to SMART lighting controls.

For new construction, they do offer an complete recessed fixture available in 2×4, 1×4 and 2×2 sizes. Available up to 347 voltage.

While most manufacturer uses the cheaper Human Centric LED that only has a lighting range of 3000-5000, Human Centric Optics decided to select OSRAM’s more expensive LED design with a lighting range of 2700-6500 range, which is more effective in triggering precise molecular reactions.

Although this technology is being used in Europe for over 10 years, it is new to Canada. Most scientists and engineers believe it to be the best lighting to enhance a healthier lifestyle at the workplace.

Years of scientific studies in Europe prove that the companies that switched to Human Centric LED lights, not only save on power and maintenance cost. They also benefited from increased productivity and savings of less sick days, overtime and redo’s from errors in offices, schools and hospitals.

These are a special order product and will need to contact us to access your situation and order.

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